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    What's included?

    • Complete engine oil replacement for proper lubrication of parts
    • Manufacturer recommended grade of oil will be used to ensure a smoother ride and extended engine life
    • Oil filter change for a free flow of oil to the engine
    • Coolant oil top-up of up to 50 ml
    • Air filter cleaning for maximizing efficiency
    • Complete 24 points checkup of your car to ensure that it's perfect to ride
    • Inspection report about the vehicle's condition
    • Exterior foam wash to get rid of dust and dirt
    • Interior vacuuming for dust-free interiors

    Why fast car care?

    Company Info

    • Fast Car Care - Chennai,No.46, Ponnambalam Salai, Radhakrishnan Nagar, Kolapakkam, Chennai - 128.
    • 98411 24718, 9884 884 502, 9884 884 503

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